Covid-19 Information

Our team are working hard to ensure that EW is following all current government and British Wrestling guidance in relation to Covid-19. Please see below the following processes that we have put in place to ensure the health and safety of our staff and members.

– Nobody is to attend the club is they are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, have had a positive test or have been in contact with someone who has had symptoms or a positive test.

– Car sharing to and from the gym with other members should be avoided.

– Our car park is currently closed to allow us to adhere to social distancing during class change over periods. Please park on Stalker Lees Rd and walk the short distance up to the gym.

– Please avoid congregating and socialising in the car park before and after classes.

– Please arrive as close to your class time as possible. You will need to wait outside in the designated queuing area and wait to be welcomed in by one of our coaching team. Please be prepared for adverse weather. 

– 1 person is able to drop participants off and collect them and are able to join the queuing system with them if necessary but will not be allowed access to the building.

– There will be no more than 40 persons on site at any one time.

– Social distancing will be maintained as much as possible throughout the club and there are lots of floor spots and signs to help remind everyone. Coaches will use a ‘hands off’ approach to coaching and only touch participants if absolutely necessary (i.e. to prevent an accident). 

– If coaches are required to administer first aid or pastoral care, and social distancing is not possible, they will wear personal protective equipment.

– Participants and coaches will sanitise their hands on the way into the building, between each piece of apparatus and following their class using the hand gel stations provided . 

– Our changing rooms are currently out of use and instead participants will leave their belongings in the storage boxes provided in the gym, x1 box per person. Please arrive ready to participate and only bring essential items in a small bag.

– Coaches and participants should wear a full set of clean clothes every session.

– There will be limited use of handheld apparatus, if these apparatus are used they will be cleaned between each use. Large equipment will be cleaned between each class, communal areas will be cleaned everyday and the whole gym will be deep cleaned once per week.

– Doors and windows will be left open as much as possible to aid ventilation.

– Participants who need to eat on site will do so in a ventilated area, socially distanced from each other and they will wash their hands before and after their meal.

– Participants will leave the gym via the rear fire door and will need to be collected from the far side of the car park (by the fence). Coaches will need to get back to the gym as soon as possible to conduct cleaning before their next class. If you need to contact the club please do so via email or telephone. 

We have put together and published a video on our social media channels which demonstrates our procedures so that everyone attending the club knows what to expect. We really appreciate your patience and cooperation with our new ways of working. If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss these.

EW reserve the right to deny access to the club to anyone who is showing symptoms of Covid-19 or who are not actively following these rules.

Information relating to missed sessions due to Coronavirus

– If a EW member has to miss a class/classes due to self isolating rules their class fees must continue to be paid in full and the usual club cancellation policy will apply.

– If EW are unable to provide a face to face class/classes due to Covid-19, the class/classes will automatically be delivered via Zoom, full class fees will be due and the usual club cancellation policy will apply unless otherwise stated.

 Last updated September 2020


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