Events and Showcase

We can come to you. Empower Wrestling can provide our training techniques and wrestling experience at your Gym/Dojo, School, Venue or Event.


We provide training in schools that can help your students, not just learn a new skill, but improve skills and focus that can enhance their learning and focus across all subjects

Corporate Events

We can showcase traditional Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling and Olympic level training to enhance your corporate event.

Team Building

Enhance your teams, strength and efficiency working together, by learning about how our training techniques applied to wrestling extend beyond the boundaries of sport. Suitable for groups of any age and ability

Gyms & Dojos and Sports Clubs

Our training styles and management can be extended into other contact and non-contact sports styles.

Wrestling is the basis for many sports and we aim to work together to help improve the base or supplementary training of you routines.

Charity Events

Available to book for your charity event to help raise awareness of your cause, We provide showcase and participation sessions .

Supporting the local area

Freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling has been in Sheffield culture in some form or another since the Roman Times, We aim to continue this by promoting the traditional sport, whilst teaching modern skills and training techniques

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